01 nov

Great science fiction from Sweden


”Full of genetics, clever allusions, and above all an interesting examination of human nature, Googolplex tugs at the imagination long past its final sentence.”
World Literature Today

”… an impressively original and deftly crafted science fiction novel that will hold the reader’s fully entertained and rapt attention from beginning to end”
Small Press Bookwatch

”I emerged from the book with a soft and sated ‘wow.’ It is a thing of intellectual beauty. Not easy to slide into, but once in, once ‘clicked,’ it is a deeply satisfying and fascinating read.”
The Future Fire

”… fascinatingly intense”
The British Fantasy Society

”Googolplex is the breed of science fiction that uses science to explore our humanity. It is not always an easy read, but it is incredibly rewarding and a good catalyst for self-examination and philosophical reflection. … I highly encourage you to grab a copy, sit back, and enjoy the ride.”

Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep

”Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep is – without any kind of doubt – one of the best and most impressive speculative fiction anthologies of the year.”

”The breadth of this anthology is impressive”

”This is a wonderful glimpse into work by authors that aren’t easily accessible in the US, and is well worth the read.”
Portland Book Review

”While the dystopian future is a common theme with a few of the stories, there are many others on diverse and unusual subjects, some short, some long, providing a great smorgasbord (sorry, I had to) of stories for interested readers.”
Manhattan Book Review

”… a strong collection of stories.”

”‘Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep’ is a fine and varied selection of speculative fiction from Sweden. … Western readers will find much here that is familiar, but also enough to give a glimpse of a different cultural perspective, one that is much more female-friendly than the Anglo norm.”
Sci-fi Romance Quarterly

”This book is so much more than just an anthology. It was an experience.”
The Reading Bud